Artsing is a Recording, Music and Video Production Studio located in Davenport, FL and also in Miami, FL, with over 10 years of experience and under the direction of music producer and singer Alian Melian and singer and TV producer Mariana Lev, who over the years, have consolidated the foundations of the company, taking important steps in the music industry.

They are focused on new artists, established artists and companies that want to promote their product or service through a music video or jingle.

Some of the services offered by this important company are recording, production, mixing and mastering. Each service is carried out in spaces designed for a professional result. Likewise, it offers the opportunity to create the image and promote the projects of its artists through its Media Tours and Digital Marketing services.

ArtSing Recording Studio has been in charge of mentoring many young artists, from vocal technique and/or the way of playing the guitar, to the arrangement and each stage of production of their sound material. Through their multiple services they have helped many important music icons throughout their career, which has allowed them to be among the leaders in the market in Miami and different parts of the world.

ArtSing Recording Studio is known for the quality of their work and the competitiveness of their prices and offers their clients different ways to have access to the tools of mass production and broadcasting, adapting to the needs and budget of each talent that aspires to succeed in the industry.

They also offer Videoclip service, both in studio and outdoors.

Artsing Recording Studio – Professional Recording Studio

Bringing your Music to Life


333 Citrus Pointe Dr, Davenport, FL, 33837

+1 (754) 209-5536


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